Kareem Martin enjoys trip to GT

Three-star defensive end Kareem Martin rolled through Atlanta over the weekend for his first official visit. The 6-foot-6, 222-pounder out of Roanoke Rapids, N.C. enjoyed his trip to Georgia Tech.
"It was good," he said. "They laid it out very well. I met the players and everything was first class.
"I got there around 10 a.m. on Saturday morning and before the game I got to meet some other recruits. I also met with the coaches."
Martin took in Georgia Tech's big win over North Carolina.
"It was a pretty big game," he said. "That offense held the ball for nearly 40 minutes, that was phenomenal to hold it that long over the course of the game. The defense was pretty good holding them to seven points. I like that they run a lot of stunts and play good overall defense. I'm guessing they want to use me like Derrick Morgan. That's pretty cool."
What was his take of the game?
"The atmosphere was great," he said. "The fans were really into it even when it started to pour down."
Following the game, Martin met up with his host.
"My dad and I went out with a few of the coaches and then I met with my host," he said. "I liked how all the players were pretty tight teammates and it seems like they knew each other for a long time. They are pretty close and treated me as if I was one of them already.
"I got a real feel for how college football and Georgia Tech really is from the players. They told me the truth and that's what you need to hear from the perspective of the players."
On Sunday, Martin met up with the coaches including Paul Johnson before heading out.
"I had breakfast and then spoke with a few of the coaches including briefly with Coach Johnson," he said. "It was pretty good. He just told me the recruiting situation and talked about the game, Georgia tech and the business school and things like that. I like that he's straight forward and to the point. He's a great coach and has won coach of the year wherever he's gone. He seems like a good person too."
More visits are on the way for the No. 23 prospect in North Carolina.
"I have a couple more visits," he said. "I have my official to Duke on October 23rd and Clemson I believe for the Wake Forest game (October 16th). I'm looking at different unofficials between now and then, but I'm not sure where I'll be going."
Martin maintains that he is still sitting on a top five which includes, Clemson, Duke, Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Virginia Tech.