Kansas QB focused on season, now

Pittsburg, Kan., quarterback Kerry Meier continues to stay focused on his senior season while several schools anticipate the decision of the top player in Kansas.
“Kerry has helped us to a 6-2 record so far,” Pittsburg coach Merle Clark said. “We lost to Webb City, the No. 1 team in their class in Missouri and to Fort Scott, the No. 1 team in 4A in Kansas.
“Kerry is having a good year. I know it is not statistically glossy, but he is 52-of-106 passing for 661 yards and five touchdowns through 8 games. He has also rushed the ball 91 times for 376 yards and five touchdowns.”

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Meier has been handling the punting and kicking duties in addition to some defensive back chores as well.
“On the year, Kerry is punting the ball at 40.4 yards per kick. He has kicked off for us too and half of his kick-offs have gone into the end zone. His toe injury, which I guess you would call turf toe, has kept him from defense and kicking. It isn’t limiting his play as a quarterback. There is no break and Kerry has been in and had it examined as much as you can to make sure he won’t do any damage to it by playing. The doctors have told him if he can put up with the pain on it, he won’t hurt it at all. It will heal up when the season is over if he stays off of it.”
Four schools are still at the top of the list, Kansas, Kansas State, Texas A&M and Tulsa, but they are not alone.
“There are still schools calling. Wyoming is still very interested. Army TCU, Arkansas, Oklahoma State I guess you could say are on the back burner. Nebraska still continues to recruit him, but I guess Nebraska told the other kid they got at quarterback they would only take one, so I would guess they are just staying in touch because you never know what might happen. TCU was in here about two weeks ago and they said they have offered him. I didn’t know it and neither did Kerry, so that is another one on the offer list.”
The 6-foot-2, 203-pounder has taken one official visit so far.
“Kerry did visit Texas A&M during the Clemson game for an official visit,” Clark said. “That is the only trip he has taken. He has been to K-State two or three times with his parents this year. He’ll probably take some more official visits during basketball season when it fits into his schedule a little better.
“I don’t know that one school is out in front at all. I think if he knew where he was going to end up, he would go ahead and commit. He’s that type of kid where he won’t waste the time of everyone involved. I really think he wants to take his visits and get that experience and see the schools before he decides anything.