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Kansas 2010 star draws rave reviews

Riverton, Kan., is located in the Southeast corner of the Sunflower State and it's home to one of the state's top prospects for the Class of 2010. Meet 6-foot-4, 255-pound Brad Hefley.
Hefley recently impressed at Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas State's camp and apparently he left a lasting impression at OU and KSU.
"Oklahoma and K-State both said on September 1st they can really start talking to me," he said. "Right now I'm only 16 and it's just my junior year coming up. I think I did well at the Oklahoma, Arkansas, and K-State camps. At OU Kevin Wilson liked me at blocking tight end. They want to see how big I get. They might like me on the O-line if I get bigger. They might like me at tight end or defensive end if I get faster."
"I really liked coach Wilson at OU. He taught me a lot. He was very complimentary and just telling me what I need to do over the summer and stuff. He was telling me how to get better. And coach Mo Latimore from K-State was great, too. He was also one of my motivators and stuff like that. Those are the two top ones right now on my mind. Oklahoma and Kansas State stand out."
So what time of player is Hefley?
"I do what I can to be a force on offense and defense," he said. "I work hard on all the basics. I live and breathe on the track and the weight room. I'm going to get bigger and faster just like the coaches tell me. That's my goal other than that just getting ready for football."
Riverton plays Class 3A ball and Hefley has plenty of local rivals that have talented teams.
"We're one student away from being 4A, so we're 3A," he said. "Definitely I would say Girard and Frontnac are our biggest rivals. They aren't really big rivals, but they match up well with us. We beat Frontnac last year in the playoffs, but other than that we haven't been able to beat them. Girard, we haven't been able to beat them since I've been here. Baxter Springs is our biggest rival. They've always been our rival. We always have good competition with them it is tradition."
Hefley wasn't sure what his sophomore stats were, but said he does have big goals for his junior and senior seasons.
"My goal is definitely to end up at a Big 12 school – Oklahoma, K-State, etc," he said. "I'm definitely looking at academics and the campus setting."