K-State maintains lead on ATH

Athlete Omar Kizzie out of Richmond (Va.) Huguenot just recently visited Virginia Tech for their junior day. What did the 5-foot-10, 175-pounder think about the Hokies?
"It was a great experience to see all the players and the competition I have for later," he said. "The school has great facilities and it's just a great school. I like the weight room for one thing and their practice is really organized and everybody communicated very well.
"I like the coaching staff, they are great and they emphasize more on academics and when the head coach spoke there was one thing that stood out. He said that he'll do all he can do while you're there not just on the field, but also as a person."

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What did Kizzie think about Virginia Tech overall?
"It would be convenient and not too far from home and the people in the community seem good and really support the team," he said. "The visit raised them a little bit, but I think that would be for any school you see."
Currently, Kizzie has Kansas State at the top of his list.
"I haven't visited there yet, but they'd be the top of my list," he said. "They've shown the most interest in me from the things I've seen. I also like their offense and the option, also the way they use their quarterback, he runs more, but they also do pass."
Kizzie has also received interest from the Naval Academy, Penn State, Miami, Virginia, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina State, Clemson, North Carolina and Ohio State.
Right now, Kizzie is preparing for the upcoming Penn State Nike Camp.
"I'm in the weight room and running getting ready for camps and combines," he said. "I've seen a big improvement, especially with the special instructor who has helped condition me get back to where I have to be. I'm still adjusting from the basketball season a little."
With the work he's putting in, what is the athlete hoping for next season?
"I want to go to state before I leave high school," he said. "Individually, I would like to get all-metro and all-region. I would also like to look like a leader out there."
Being that Kizzie is both a punter and quarterback, what is he looking to play in college?
"All the schools right now are looking at me as an athlete," he said. "I don't really care what I play, as long as I'm on the field. I'll play any position. I've improved on my punting and it's going good, I would do it in college. I'll have to go to a couple more camps though."
This summer Kizzie plans to attend camps at Penn State and Miami.
Last season he was named first team all-dominion, all-academic, honorable mention all-region and honorable mention all-metro as he threw for 1,667 yards and 14 touchdowns along with four interceptions. He also had seven rushing touchdowns.