Junior to Watch: Victor DeGrate, Jr

Junior to Watch: Victor DeGrate, Jr
School: Desoto, Texas
Position: Inside Linebacker

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Size and Speed: Victor DeGrate Jr. is 6-foot-4 and 232 pounds. He has run a 4.6 handheld timed 40 yard dash.
Statistics: He had 90 or more tackles last season, along with five sacks, one interception and two caused fumbles, despite missing four games due to injury.
Honors: He was named first team all-district.
Favorite Schools: He is hearing from "Syracuse, TCU, Michigan, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, West Virginia, Connecticut, Memphis State, Maryland, Duke, Notre Dame, Kansas State, Iowa, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Colorado, Colorado State, Missouri, Ohio State, Arizona, Arkansas, LSU, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Army, Houston, Wyoming, SMU and Alabama" just to name a few that he could remember.
"Iowa, Oklahoma, Syracuse and TCU are sending the most invites and letters at this time and Oklahoma and Syracuse are the leading contenders right now."
If he could make his official visit today, they would go to:
Syracuse - "The surrounding area and the campus are nice. The dome is a plus and I want to get away from the area to experience something new. They have a good academic program."
Oklahoma - "The football tradition there is awesome and I want to learn more about them."
Michigan - "I like Michigan and I have relatives in the area."
Missouri - "Two people from Desoto are there, so I'd be comfortable there and they have a pretty good squad while being academically sound."
Texas Christian - "The same as Missouri and the facilities are nice."
Skinny: "I'll mainly be looking for comfortable surroundings, while limiting the distractions, the academic status of the school and the depth chart for future playing possibilities. I don't want to go somewhere just to ride the bench for the next four years. I don't mind red-shirting a year, if I get a chance to play following it."
He said of his strong points: "I'm a physical, quick, team player and I play through pain well. I'll take on a block to let a teammate make the tackle, if that's what is necessary."
He described himself as: "A rock in the middle of the defense" and compared his style of play to Jesse Armstead of the New York Giants.
He plans to attend the Nike camp, as well as the TCU or Texas camps.
His dream school would be Florida, if they offered.
He plans to major in pre-law and has set his sports goal for next season as: "I plan to lead the team in tackles and I'm known as a hard hitter, so I need to make that happen next season."
He benches 295 pounds and squats 490 pounds.