Junior to Watch: Ronnie McCullough

Junior to Watch: Ronnie McCullough
School: Hillsborough, Tampa, Florida
Position: Runningback/Linebacker
Size and speed: McCullough is 6-foot-1, 210 pounds. He ran a 4.6 his 40 yard dash timed "about one and one half years" at his high school on grass. "I just can't go out and run the 40 yard dash, as I have my game speed. I can run a 4.5 or a 4.4 and I can run them down. When I get to college I'll be at 4.4."
Statistics: On offense he averaged "about seven point something yards a carry" last year with over 1,000 yards rushing and 17 touchdowns.
On Defense: "Last year I think that I averaged about 13 tackles a game. I had three interceptions, four fumble recoveries, three caused fumbles and two sacks. Also I had 12 or 13 tackles for loss."
Honors: Ronnie made first team All-Area for defense and offense and second team for specialist.
Strong Points: What are your strong points on offense?
"Probably my low center of gravity and keeping my feet going. I'm hard to tackle and to bring down."
What about on defense?
"It would be a sense for where the ball is and I'm always around the ball. I like the contact."
Favorite Schools: He is hearing from "Tennessee, Georgia, Miami, Iowa, Alabama, Virginia and Syracuse and a bunch more."
How about any Big 12 Conference schools? "I think I received one letter from Nebraska." He does like Nebraska and Oklahoma. He would also for sure consider Texas A&M and Texas from the Big 12 Conference.
"No, not yet," McCullough said about whether he has gotten any offers yet. "I get most of the mail from Iowa first and then Virginia and Syracuse and Alabama too."
What schools would you visit today, if you could?
"Probably Florida, Miami, Syracuse, Notre Dame and probably Virginia or Virginia Tech."
Florida: "They always have a winning season. I'm very competitive and I don't like to lose."
Miami: "I like their defense. They are more into the hitting, plus I know that they take care of their players. But that is most colleges."
Syracuse: "Academics. They have a high rate of graduation. It is nice to have a good football team, but they must put as much time into the academics."
Notre Dame: "Same for Notre Dame. They are ranked at the top for graduation rate. That is like the top of the crop there."
He likes Virginia Tech and Virginia equally. "I like the offense that Virginia Tech runs and Virginia, I like the pounding."
Skinny: What position exactly did you play on offense and defense?
"I played mostly full, but we rotated and we went to the wishbone, so I was more of a half-back. I played fullback from the I formation. On defense, I was an inside linebacker."
Preference in a position at the next level?
Are you still getting a lot of letters every day?
"Oh yeah, all of the time. No one mainly, as there are ones popping up every day."
Parental preference on where you go?
"I don't know, you would have to ask my dad that."
Distance a problem?
"No, as you never know where I will go. I would not turn anybody down right now."
Favorite team to watch on television?
"No, not really. (pause) I like all of the Florida schools, but different times, I like Boston College and Syracuse and Alabama and Auburn. Nobody stands out right now."
Early playing time important to you? "A way it is, but a way it is not. I have learn everything before just popping right in there."
He is planning on attending at least one camp and probably a Nike or Reebok training camp this summer.
He is in speed training right now and will be all summer. His top in the bench was 305 pounds and his squat was 465 pounds.
He carries a 3.2 grade point average and has already scored an 880 on an SAT test.
Education is important to Ronnie, as he will be looking at the "graduation percentages of the schools."