Junior To Watch: Reggie Bush

Junior to Watch: Reggie Bush
School: San Diego (Calif.) Helix
Position: Running Back

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Size and Speed: Reggie stands 6-foot, weighs 185 pounds and runs the 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds. Bush has good strength with his 290-pound bench and his 400-pound squat.
Statistics: Reggie had a colossal junior season that saw him record Conference single season records for rushing yards, TDs and total points. Bush rushed for 2,200 yards, scored 34 TDs and accounted for 204 points. Reggie averaged 36.4 yards per TD run. He also averaged over 12 yards per carry. If that doesn’t impress you let’s try this – Reggie plays in an offense that spreads the ball around. One could only wonder what kind of stats that Reggie would chalk up if received the majority of touches. Another thing that is impressive about Reggie stats is the fact he sat out the second half of many games due to blowouts!
Honors: Conference Player of the Year, all-state, all-CIF and all everything you can think of.
Favorite Schools: Reggie is leaving his options open and may want to commit before his senior season begins. He has several offers and here is just a sampling of the schools that are fighting it out for his services: Stanford, UCLA, Washington, Arizona and Texas A&M. All five schools have offered the talented running back a scholie. If Bush commits to either UCLA or Stanford, both schools have guaranteed him a scholarship even if he gets hurt during his senior season. The word on the street is all colleges are making the same guarantee.
The Skinny: Reggie is very competitive whether it’s in the classroom or on the field. Now that’s a great trait for an athlete. “Reggie is always challenging himself on the field and the classroom,” said Helix head coach Gordon Wood.
Reggie has a very elusive running style, but has the power to break tackles if need be. He is the complete back who loves to block and is considered great at it. “Reggie is a Marshall Faulk type of player,” said Wood. “Reggie can catch, block and run. The amazing thing about him is he does them all well. Reggie is a dream to coach.”
In the semi-final game, Reggie caught the first TD, threw the second and caught the third. Later in the game Reggie ran for two more TDs. He had all that production while he only touched the ball a mere 15 times.
To top it all off, Reggie is the team’s punter and has an average of 40 yards per punt. Helix takes their best athletes and tries to convert them into punters. And due to Reggie’s competitive nature, he worked hard and won the job. “Reggie would come out to practice early and worked on his punting,” said Wood. “He loves a challenge and always seems up to it.”
Bush is considered by many as the Golden State’s best running back prospect. Few, if any, disagree…
Helix has won back-to-back CIF championships; of course Reggie was a very important ingredient for their success. Helix has another player who should end up being a huge recruit before the recruiting season is over. Keep your eyes on the super-athletic Charles Smith. Smith stands 6-foot-1, weighs 170 pounds and runs the 40-yard dash in 4.55 seconds. Smith has played five different positions for Helix. At one time or another, Charles has played wide receiver, wingback, quarterback, and both safety positions. Smith also stars on the basketball team. He’s a very smooth athlete and as a matter of fact, “smooth” is his nickname. “Smooth” has an offer from Utah and is hearing Washington, UCLA and more.
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