Junior to Watch: Alonso Dotson

Junior to Watch: Alonso Dotson
School: Houston (Texas) Hastings
Position: Defensive End

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Size and Speed: Alonzo Dotson is 6-foot-5 and 220 pounds. He has run a 4.6 hand timed 40 yard dash.
Statistics: "I played next to Roderique (Wright) last season, so my stats are low."
He had 36 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, 72 hurries, five sacks and one caused fumble.
Honors: He was named to the honorable mention all-district team.
Favorite Schools: He is hearing from Texas, Colorado, Louisiana State, Texas Tech, Ohio State, Boston College, Baylor, UCLA, Purdue, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Arizona and others.
"Texas and Colorado are recruiting the hardest with the most mail. If the decision was made today, I would be leaning towards Texas as that's where Roderique Wright is going next year and he is recruiting me to go there the following year to keep our line together."
If he could make his official visits today, he would like to go to:
Colorado - "It has a nice environment, good academics, and is a good all around school. They are like another family with the players there."
UCLA - "They have really good academics and graduation rate. It's also a family environment and I want to visit to see what it's like there. They also have a pretty good defense."
Ohio State - "Early and steady recruitment even while I was hurt they check up on me. I want to check it out there."
Texas - "Lots of letters, the coaches are nice, good family environment and its all-around excellence."
Miami - "It is my dream school since childhood."
Skinny: "I get to the ball and give 100% all the time while having the ability to get down and dirty in the trenches. My forte is my pass rushing, especially coming off the corner to hit the quarterback."
He described himself as: "An aggressive pass rusher."
"Distance will not be a factor, as I'll look at the graduation rate and the average starting salary of a graduate and then the football training prospects for the next level. We'd like to make it a trifecta."
He has attend camp at Texas A&M and a Nike camp last year.
He plans to attend the Nike camp in May, Texas, Ohio State and Boston College possibly. He would like to attend the Rivals combine, if he got an invitation and the information on it in time.
He plans to major in business or computer science in college and has set several sports goals for next season with the primary one being all-american honors and the others should fall into place.
He named tight end Tony Hills as his toughest opposing player.
He benches 265 pounds, squats 365 pounds, has a core GPA of 3.0 and will take the SAT in June due to the Nike camp being on the May SAT weekend.