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Junior RB adds No. 4

While the 2006 prospects are finishing up their decisions and ready to sign on the dotted line for their particular college choice, 2007 running back Bradley Stephens continues to add more offers to his plate.
The first three schools that jumped on him first were Iowa State, Houston and Texas A&M. The Big 12 trend continues as now Oklahoma State has joined the mix.
"I just found out a couple days ago that OSU offered," Stephens said. "It's pretty exciting. I mean it's always exciting to get a new offer."
Stephens says the process has really come on him fast and he didn't anticipate all of this when he thought about how recruiting would be.
"You kind of just are thrown into it," Stephens said. "I guess as it goes on, you learn more things and get more excited about it. Every kid wants to play college football, so it's a big deal."
As for who may lead early, Stephens says that hasn't been thought about yet.
"I wouldn't say there is a favorite," Stephens said. "The process has been going on for a good amount of time and it's hard to narrow anything down right now because I haven't looked at everything yet."
"It's a little early to say anything about that."
Texas, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan, Florida, Florida State, and Miami have all been sending Stephens mail at this time.