Junior quarterback Luck racks up offers

Houston (Texas) Stratford junior quarterback Andrew Luck is up to 10 offers after leading his team to its first district championship in 18 seasons.
The sweepstakes have begun for the 6-foot-3, 210-pound signal-caller with an NFL pedigree and Ivy League grades.
Big 12 schools Texas A&M, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kansas State and Nebraska have been joined by Purdue, Houston, Northwestern and Duke as Luck's official offers.

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"He's not really focused on recruiting right now because they are into the basketball season," his father Oliver Luck said. "We do plan on taking some trips over spring break and during the summer to check out some schools.
"He seems to have plenty of opportunities, which can be a curse and a blessing. It just makes his choice that much harder."
Last season, he led his basketball team to their first playoff appearance in seven years.
So can he make others around him better?
Luck has also attended an overnight camp at Purdue and has been to one-day camps at Texas A&M and Texas. Having grown up abroad while his father ran NFL Europe, Luck never really adopted a favorite school at a early age.
"He never really developed any allegiance," Luck said. "We were sort of nomadic, so he hasn't become a diehard fan of anyone."
Academics will play a major role in his college choice. Luck, who ranks near the top of his class, plans on earning an engineering degree.
"Academically, that would be a big challenge for an football player, let alone a quarterback," Luck said. "We are investigating schools where several football players are in the engineering program like Georgia Tech and Purdue. At Purdue, coaches don't allow players to come to work out on Mondays during the season, so they can get the labs scheduled. In the offseason, coaches don't want to see them on Monday or Wednesday. That helps."
Another interesting note is that Purdue's offensive coordinator Bill Legg, was Oliver Luck's center during his senior season at West Virginia.