Junior lineman making his name

One of the more intriguing junior prospects in New Jersey is defensive lineman Julian Pinnix-Odrick. The talented junior, who put together an impressive season on the field, can also turn to his older brother, who is a recent Penn State graduate and is currently on the Miami Dolphins.
"Recruiting is alright," said Pinnix-Odrick. "I'm receiving good interest at this point. I just went to the Rutgers junior day on Saturday, but I should be getting a lot more interest when I improve my raw skills."
Pinnix-Odrick, 6-foot-4 and 250 pounds, gave a little more insight on his junior day experience.

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"It was great," he said. "They fed us well in the beginning, so that's always fun. But it was very long and in-depth. It really gave me a perspective on the program that I didn't have before. I learned everything about the football program, facilities and most of all, the academics."
While Pinnix-Odrick does not have any further visits schedule, he would like to visit Boston College, Maryland and Penn State when given the chance. During the fall he also attended games at Rutgers and Penn State.
With his brother, Jared Odrick, graduating from Penn State, there is always the opportunity for advice and guidance available.
"He gives me pointers on the process and football," he said. "But he mostly wants me to be able to experience the process for myself. He has given me space and the ability to make my own path, but it definitely helps if and when I have questions."
Most assume that his brother's graduation from Penn State gives the Nittany Lions an advantage with his younger brother.
"Yeah a little," he said. "Just because of the fact that I've been up there so much, and it's great up there."
Pinnix-Odrick gave some insight on his junior season.
"On offense I played left tackle, and on defense I played strong end," he said. "I had 82 tackles and 10 sacks. Overall the year went well."
There are certain parts of his game that Pinnix-Odrick hopes to improve before his senior season.
"Mainly strength, speed and aggression," he said. "Reading keys has gotten better over the season, since we have to learn a new defense. But I need to go back to the basics."
Pinnix-Odrick is currently taking part in winter track, and then will do spring track. He also hopes to attend a few camps and combines this spring and summer.