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Junior DL excited about offers

When it comes to defensive line prospects from the Peach State one of the very best for the Class of 2011 is Ray Drew. Drew, 6-5 and 240 pounds, is from Thomas County Central in south Georgia. This season they are off to a 5-1 start.
"The season has been good and we have pulled off some victories. This past weekend we played Lee County and won 24-7."
Drew says he sees big time improvement this season compared to last season.
"Last year I was coming off the ball okay. This season I am really firing off the ball and I am bringing more power to my game. I think I am having a great season. I am leading the team with sacks. I think I defend both the run and pas equally well but I enjoy pass rushing more. This off-season I will try and get stronger and I want to work on speed more. I run well for my size (4.65) but I want to get faster."
In terms of recruiting Drew is off to a big start even though its quite early for him.
"I have 11 scholarship offers. FSU, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida, Alabama, Duke, South Carolina, East Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and NC State have all offered.
"The first school to offer me was Georgia. At the time it was very exciting. I was a sophomore at the time and it was at the end of the school year. Then I started to get some more. People said to me that I would get a ton but I thought nothing of it. I thought it be slower."
Growing up in south Georgia, Drew grew up a fan of Florida State.
"They are 30 minutes down the road from me. When I was younger that was my team.
"That was big when they offered because that was my childhood favorite team. FSU was my fourth offer and they are in the running like everyone else."
Drew has been to two games in Tallahassee (Jacksonville State and Miami) and he would like to go to Alabama/LSU next month.
"Right now I am open with everyone and no one is leading at this point. I want to go somewhere and win. The main thing is to get a good education. I am not going just to play football. One day I will have to give it up."
TCC plays Harris County this weekend.