Junior athlete gaining more interest

Making his move to quarterback this fall for the first time, junior athlete Reginald Green of Cranford (N.J.) has been able to showcase his athletic abilities. In the midst of a successful season, Green has taken a couple of visits and is eager to prove to everyone that he is a player worth watching.
"I play quarterback and cornerback and I think I'm playing well," said Green, who is 6-foot-3 and 195-pounds. "I'm a first year starter at quarterback and I feel like I'm improving every game."
The transition to quarterback has gone smoothly for Green.

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"I feel that I am reading defenses better and I can see where the blitz is coming from, if there is one and I can read the defensive backs pre-snap to see how their coverage is," said Green. "On defense I feel like I'm improving on where the quarterback is trying to throw the ball so I can make a play on it."
Rushing for over 1,000 yards, plus 16 touchdowns, and passing for approximately 500 yards and six touchdowns, while also adding two interceptions on defense, college coaches are beginning to take notice.
"Recruiting is going well for now," said Green. "Rutgers has sent me things and I've been there twice to watch games. I got to meet some coaches and go on the field. Just being around the college atmosphere was a cool experience."
Green did not attend any summer camps this year, but hopes to attend camps at Rutgers and Temple next year. Most of his recruiting interest at this time is coming for his defensive back skills, but Green mentioned that he would be willing to play any position, including wide receiver.
"I'm just looking for a place where I can feel comfortable playing at, a place where there is a good atmosphere and lastly a place where I can maybe play my freshman or sophomore year," said Green.
This weekend Green will lead Cranford into the first round of the state playoffs.
"We're 8-1 and we're going into the playoffs for the first time in like five years, so the season is going well," said Green.