Junior already making big decisions

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. – For some making a college choice is one of the biggest decisions they'll ever make.
But for Sherman Oaks Notre Dame athlete Shane Horton, the decision to attend high school was even a difficult task. You see the 6-foot-2, 192-pounder wanted desperately to get into Notre Dame and out of the public school system. He knew if he could get there, he would be challenged both mentally and physically.
Once he got accepted, it was an easy pick to attend the school in Sherman Oaks, Calif., and his life hasn't been the same sense.

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"It's kind of like a dream come true compared to other schools around here," Horton said. "There are better opportunities here. People that come here colleges seem to look here a little more because of the higher competition. It's really a blessing to go to a school like this.
"I came from a public school, and I came here by myself. I didn't know anybody and it was a tough transition. I knew Rodney Glass, and that was about it. Rodney and I played Pop Warner football together, so I've known him forever. He put in a good word for me, and that really turned everything in my life around."
Now Horton is one of the better two-way stars in the Southern Section. He's racked up 17 receptions for 301 yards and one touchdown. On defense, he says he's a hard-hitter that likes to leave a lasting impression.
"I see myself as an all-around guy," Horton said. "I like tackling. I think I'm a good tackler compared to other aspects of the game. I'm hard-hitting, but I can also play receiver and make the big play there."
Horton is also doing good things in the classroom. At Notre Dame, it's not football first – it's academics.
"I love the challenge," he said. "It's all about the academics here. I like math class, Algebra II. That's my favorite class. My toughest class is history."
It's not history that Horton thinks about too much. It's his future that has him excited about what's going to happen next school year. He's pumped about getting mail already from people like Ole Miss, Oregon, UCLA and UNLV. He said he's a local kid and would prefer to stay out West near his family.
"To move away that would be a tough decision to make," he said. "I already had to make a big decision once in my life. I know I'll have more that I will have to make soon, though."