Judson features more in 2008, 2009

Converse (Texas) Judson has had it's share of Division I-A prospects such as defensive back Titus Brothers who signed with Nebraska several years ago or linebacker Travis Houston from the class of 2006.
Judson recruiting coach Mark Soto says that will continue in 2008 and in a big way during the 2009 class. Several prospects, including headliner Dominick Maddox, make the junior class one to watch and several sophomores are on the horizon as well.
"Dominick has been offered by UTEP already," Soto said. "That's the only one he's gotten so far. He's a 5-foot-10 or 5-foot-11 kid that plays weakside linebacker for us. He's put together and most schools are looking at him for safety. He's about 185 or 190 pounds right now."
Maddox also gets letters from other schools such as Oklahoma State and Iowa among others. He's planning on making it to a NIKE Combine in the future.
Other 2008 prospects to keep an eye on include linebacker prospect Cory Williams, who plays defensive end for Judson, and the next Houston to come from Judson – Terrence Houston.
"Terrance is Travis Houston's little brother," Soto said. "We just moved him to tight end for the sheer need of a big-bodied guy at that spot. He's about 6-1, 220 and had a 4.1 pro-agility shuttle and verticals about 30 inches. Terrance is getting the same letters that Dominick and Cory are."
The 2009 class will be one to watch. Though there are numerous prospects that will get Division I-A looks, it's defensive back Chris McAllister who is already on several radars.
"Chris is the second cousin of Deuce McAllister," Soto said. "His first game out as a sophomore, production-wise, had a better game than anyone. He had three sacks alone against the Leander quarterback (Josh McKinley) who went Division I.
"He's 6-2, 210 pounds right now. Our secondary is going to be all juniors, but they're all top notch football players. That's a talented bunch right there."