Joseph twins close to receiving offers

Hartford, Conn. twin brothers Elijah Joseph and Elisha Joseph are receiving a lot of interest in the last month from a few major colleges. Who have the brothers been talking to and what are they looking for in a college?
"We've been receiving interest from Iowa, Cincinnati, Syracuse, Connecticut, Massachusetts and my brother Elisha has slightly better grades so he's even seen some interest from the Ivy League," said Elijah. "We'd like to play together on the same team in college that would be really nice since we have done it through high school. It would mean a lot to us to play together on the same team and we both think it would help us in and outside the classroom too."
The Joseph twins haven't received any offers to date, but Iowa looks like they could be close.
"Coach told us that Iowa may offer both of us soon," the 6-foot-2, 190-pounder said. "That's a good offer and we like that school a lot. We like the defense they run and coach O'Keefe is a really good coach and he seems like a really nice guy."
What do Elijah and Elisha want out of a school?
"We're looking for education first, you can't go anywhere in life without an education and a good career because you can't do football forever," he said. "Beyond that, we just want to join a good team that we can see some playing time on."
Later this season the two-star brothers are expected to visit Cincinnati for an unofficial visit.
"We like Cincinnati as they've been showing a lot of interest in both of us and they are an underdog," he said. "Our high school is kind of an underdog too and it's nice to help a team get that respect."
Elijah and Elisha have helped Hartford to a 3-2 season.
"We've been playing well, I've had 34 tackles, one interception, one punt block and three fumble recoveries, while Elisha has had one touchdown catch and a bunch of others have been called back," he said. "We've both gotten a lot faster this year and we can tell that we hit a lot harder. I think that is partially because we know the game a lot more."