Joseph enjoys visit to Pullman

Long Beach Poly (Calif.) defensive back Vincent Joseph took his first official visit this past weekend to Washington State and raved about his time in Pullman. The talented corner has another visit lined up for this coming weekend and then two more in November.
Joseph, 5-9, 180 pounds is one the best pure cover corners in the west region. He has great speed and toughness and knows how to play the position. The athlete played in the Jackrabbits game on Friday and then headed out to Pullman early Saturday morning.
"I had a 7:30 flight and got in to Pullman around 1:30," Joseph said. "We drove down to the campus and I got to the stadium just in time for the pre-game walk through. The game was incredible and I was probably more hyped than the players. I wanted Washington State to win so bad and they dominated the 1st half but seemed to run out of gas a little in the second half.
"UCLA really stepped up in the second half and then Maurice Drew just kind of took over. That guy is like Superman, especially on those little screen passes. Once he gets the ball in the open field, you can't stop him. I really liked Washington State's defense though and how they use their corners.
"They play a lot of man and then blitz everyone. Both of Washington State's starting corners are seniors and one of their nickel backs is a senior too so I think I would have a great chance to not only come in and play right away but compete for a starting job.
"After the game, I hung out with my host, Ian Bell, who I ran against in track when I was a freshman. Lorenzo Bursey, who played here at Poly, was supposed to be my host but he got hurt in the game and was getting treatment all night so I hung with Ian and a lot of the other players. Courtney Williams played at Dorsey and I ran against him in track too. It was funny, as soon as I saw him, I was like, 'hey, you ran the third leg on the relay team,' and he just smiled and said, 'yeah, we beat you guys.'
"From there, I just ate and ate, I feel like I ate every 10 minutes. It got to the point where I couldn't eat any more. First we went all and checked out the facilities and the weight room and then we went back to Ian's house and had a huge Madden (play station 2) tournament. We played for a couple of hours and then we went out and saw the town a little bit. Overall it was a great time and I really fit in well there. I'm going to take the rest of my trips but I can definitely see myself at Washington State."
Joseph will visit Colorado this weekend (Oct. 21) and then has trips to Oregon (Nov. 4) and Cal (Nov. 11).
Vincent Joseph VideoClick "I'm not sure where that last trip will be, maybe USC," Joseph said. "I know I'll take those four and if I know where I'm going by then, I could just commit but I would like to take all five. I'm still interested in USC and I really feel like I could help them. I watched the SC game with Notre Dame and I think they need some corners and I know I can play there but we'll see. Right now, everyone is in it and I'll probably decide by Christmas."Here to view this Link.