Jordan gets second offer

For Dallas Greenhill sleeper Alvin Jordan, things have been picking up recently in the way of recruiting interest.
Wyoming made the first official scholarship offer to the 6-foot-2, 228-pound linebacker after the NIKE Training Camp. Then, just a few weeks ago another team made their offer known and several other schools continue to show heavy interest to Jordan.
"I'm pretty excited," Jordan said. "I've been talking to Boston College a lot lately as well. They said they had just received my film up there and they were going to take a look at it. They made it sound like an offer was around the corner."
Despite the first two offers, Jordan says that he's not about to name any leading teams yet.
"Right now I'm just kind of open to everybody," Jordan said. "I'm waiting for these offers to keep coming in."
Jordan and his team just started up 7-on-7 competition and he's also spending time conditioning with his teammates. He also recently attended the Oklahoma State camp at Richardson Berkner High School a few weeks ago.
Other camps are also on Jordan's mind.
"UTEP is having a satellite camp, so I think I might go out to that," Jordan said. "I also want to get to Texas A&M and Arkansas this summer too."