Jordan discusses three offers

Ridgefield, Connecticut offensive tackle Tommy Jordan picked up two offers before the start of his junior season and he received his third just recently.
Jordan helped Ridgefield to a 9-1 mark this year, but he and his teammates missed out on the playoffs. One team in their league was undefeated, while three others in addition to Ridgefield also finished 9-1. They missed out on the playoffs because of the rules that take effect in tiebreaker scenarios.
"I felt I did pretty well this year," Jordan said. "I played both offensive tackle and defensive tackle. I played both ways full-time. My conditioning was pretty good. It was absolutely no problem playing the entire game. I came out of a couple with like five minutes left because we were beating the teams, but other than that I just got rest on kickoffs and special teams. I'd love to play then, too, but you can't do it all. One of our games early in the season was real hot and humid, and I played the whole game. I did get real dehydrated during that one, but that wouldn't happen on a nice, cool Friday night."

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Boston College and Florida extended offers to Jordan before the start of his season, and Duke jumped into the picture more recently. What does he think about each of those programs?
"I'm definitely interested in all of them," he said. "Duke is a happy medium between Florida and Boston College, location-wise. Their coaches are good and obviously they're getting better. It's a real good school and it's a possibility.
"BC ended up doing pretty well. They didn't fare too well against USC. They had a really good season in coach Spaz's first year as head coach. He did a great job. I've been up there a couple of times and it's only a couple of hours away from the house. Boston is just a great city.
"Florida is basically just Florida. The name says it all. Location-wise it's great and it's the best football in the country. They probably have the best coaches in the country and the atmosphere there is just great. At other places football is big in-season, but down in Florida football is big year round."
In addition to those schools Jordan said UConn kept in touch with him very closely, as well as Penn State. Coaches from both of those schools said they would evaluate him more after National Signing Day for prospects from the Class of 2010.