Jordan close to BCS offers

Before this fall not too many people knew about Jorian Jordan .
More than 30 catches, nearly 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns later a lot of people are talking about him.
Nowadays there aren't too many high school seniors that dramatically improve their stock at the last minute but Jordan appears to be doing just that for himself. The 6-foot-1, 175-pound receiver hails from a talent-rich school that college coaches are very familiar with, so he was bound to get attention if he performed.

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Now that he's performing he has offers from Georgia State , Towson , Hampton and Youngstown . But he's hoping for more.
Minnesota, Wake Forest and Duke are three BCS-level schools that are showing interest and have expressed to Jordan that they are happy with his development.
"I'm going to get all my film out to everybody at the end of the year," Jordan said.
" Minnesota would like to see me gain a little more weight. They have high interest in me just from this last part of the season. Wake Forest has really jumped back on me. They had kind of slowed the recruiting process for a while but they've kind of jumped back on board.
"I'm really doing my thing so a lot of people are coming back into the picture."
Jordan said he doesn't have any favorites yet. One thing working against him is the scholarship crunch, especially with the local schools Duke and Wake Forest .