Joraskie reeling in the offers

Defensive end Eric Joraskie of Mount Carmel, Pa. has seen his recruiting process explode during the Spring Evaluation Period. The powerful end is now up to nine offers and will try to visit each of the schools before making a decision.
"It's been exciting," said Joraskie, who is 6-foot-4 and 260-pounds. "I visited a few places and I'm planning more visits."
Rutgers, Maryland and Vanderbilt are the most recent offers for Joraskie, and they join previous offers from Syracuse, Northwestern, Pittsburgh, Boston College, Purdue and Kent State.

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"I just try to keep everything in perspective, and keep working hard to improve myself for this year and the next level," he said.
Joraskie's most recent visit was to in-state Pittsburgh on Monday.
"I enjoyed it," he said. "The campus and facilities were great and the staff seems to have a lot of good going on there, athletically, academically and from a life skills perspective."
Joraskie is planning to keep a busy schedule next month.
"I will be visiting Northwestern, Purdue and Kent in the middle of June, and Maryland will possibly be the first week of June," said Joraskie. "I still need to schedule a few more. Hopefully I can visit Rutgers and Vandy, and potentially BC. I want to try to get everywhere, because I don't want to miss out on the right fit."
With all of these new offers, his initial plan for a selection time may be changing.
"I was hoping to make a decision before the season, but we'll see how things go," said Joraskie.
On each of his visits, Joraskie is paying close attention to a number of important factors that will help him make his final decision.
"Academics are important to me, possibly the opportunity to play early, which I guess is ultimately decided by me, and just an atmosphere where I'm comfortable socially," said Joraskie. "I want to be around people that I'd hang out with back home, and I want to be comfortable where I'm at."
While Joraskie is not claiming any clear favorites at this time, one school seems to have especially peaked his interest.
"I like the idea of Northwestern, because they're so prestigious academically and have been successful in recent years from the football standpoint," said Joraskie. "But I still need to visit and I have liked the places I've visited so far, so I'd say there aren't any solid leaders."