Jones talks about visit to Cal

Tucson (Ariz.) Sabino athlete Cody Jones took his official visit to Cal this past weekend and despite raving about the trip, said he still wants to take his last two visits before making a decision.
Jones, 6-4, 220 pounds is a talented two way player who could end up at defensive end or tight end in college.
“Cal is recruiting me for defense,” Jones said. “The trip was great, I had a real good time. I got there on Friday in time to watch some of their practice and then sat in on their team meetings. That night, there was a big bon fire for the team with about 10,000 people. It was crazy, everyone was chanting, ‘we love Tedford,’ and then I went out with my host and some of the other players later on.

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“Saturday all the recruits had the pre-game meal with the players on the team and then we bussed over to the stadium for the game. It was a pretty wild atmosphere and they just killed Stanford. It was really fun atmosphere and when the game was over, everyone was on the field and some of the players like Aaron Rodgers had roses in their mouth signifying they’re going to the Rose Bowl.
“Sunday I had brunch, met with some of the academic advisers and also talked one on one with the coaches including Coach Teford. I asked him straight out if he was going to be staying at Cal. He was very honest with me and said how happy he is there and how he has kids in high school and he doesn’t want to move them anywhere.
“He gave us a lot of really good reasons why he wants to stay but also said he really needs to keep the pressure on the school as far as updating the facilities. He said that’s the only real issue he has because he said they really need to upgrade them. Just talking to him though, it really sounds like he’s staying. He said, ‘we have the No. 4 team in the country and I don’t even have all my players yet.’
“I loved Cal but I’m not ready to commit yet. I really want to compare it to something so I’m still taking my trip to Colorado (Dec. 3) and Oregon (Dec. 10). I visited Colorado in the summer and loved it but I knew I wanted to compare it to something else and that’s how I feel now about Cal. It’s a great school and I can definitely see myself there but I just want to take the trips to make sure I’m making the best decision for me.”