Jones-Smith discusses UVA official

A week ago, Philadelphia (Pa.) West Catholic offensive tackle Jaryd Jones-Smith took his first official visit. The 6-foot-7, 300-pounder made a trip to one of his three finalists in Virginia.
"It was good," he said. "First, I got there and went out with the coaches to breakfast. I hung out with some of the players in team meetings and then I went to the game. After the game, we went out to eat and I hung out with my host some more."
How was the game?

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"It was good," he said. "The fans were really supportive at the Maryland game. From what I saw, they are young, but they'll be all right. I can see it in the future in a couple years, they'll be doing well."
Jones-Smith was hosted by fellow lineman Kelby Johnson.
"I hung out with him and got to see how the freshmen live. It was good."
On Sunday, Jones-Smith met with the rest of the staff.
"I woke up and had breakfast and then met with the coaches," he said. "It was good. My mom and I talked to Coach London. I really like him. He's a really good dude and he was just telling me how much he wants me to come down there and be part of their program."
Jones-Smith confirmed he is still focused on his finalists of Virginia, NC State and Pittsburgh, but has yet to line up trips elsewhere.
"I plan to visit both of those schools too before I decide," he said. "I have to reschedule my NC State visit and I'm starting to work on a visit to Pittsburgh."
With one official under his belt, what does he want to see from here?
"I just really want to get to know the coaches a little better on my visits," he said. "I want to meet the players and see what it's like for them, that's about it."
Jones-Smith has helped West Catholic to a 5-2 record this season including a 42-0 shutout on Saturday night.
"I'm doing well," he said. "My feet are better and my team is playing better too."