Jones now likes four

Delvin Jones is a dynamic big athlete from south Florida. Jones, now 6-6 and 220 pounds, is a two-way star from Miami Palmetto High School that is bouncing back from knee surgery. That happened in mid-May and he's slowly working his way back.
"The summer's been all right," Jones said. "I have been just been chlling and rehabbing the knee. I just started running and cutting. I think I am getting faster since the surgery. I had it back on May 18th and we are right on track. I expect to be playing by start of two-a-days and playing both ways this season."
Most teams are recruiting him as an athlete and this year he will play both wide receiver and defensive end. Chances are he grows into a tight end or ends up on defense.

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"Yeah, they are all recruiting me as an athlete. My top teams right now are Tennessee, USC, Alabama and Ole Miss. I have been talking a lot to both Alabama and Ole Miss and I like those coaches at both schools. It seems like we have a lot in common. There's someone at Ole Miss that used to be at Palmetto so we have a lot in common."
For a good portion of the last few months the Trojans and Volunteers were his leader. How did it turn into a four team race?
"I just feel good talking with those schools. It's early. I plan on visiting them and I am also looking at Florida to. I plan on sitting up my official visits in a month or so. We'll see how things go this fall and see how the (football) season goes with those teams."