Jones has Tigers in the lead

There is one team in front for Silsbee, Texas defensive tackle/offensive guard Ahmad Jones. After showing his stuff at the NIKE Training Camp in College State, Texas, his offer count has grown considerably and things are heating up.
So far, LSU, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Houston, and now Florida have offered the 6-foot-2, 319-pounder. Most schools have given him the option of playing offensive or defensive line. Regardless, an out-of-state school is the sole leader.
"LSU is the top school," Jones said. "That's the one I'm probably going to go to. I'm just real focused on them right now. They have a good coaching staff and it's right around the area but still out of state. Plus, a lot of kids from Texas are there. It's a good program to go to."
"I also like their defense a lot too."
Oklahoma State is another school that remains one of Jones' favorites. He's received phone calls recently from LSU head coach Les Miles, Nebraska coach Randy Jordan, and Oklahoma coach James Patton.
"I liked talking with coach Miles the most," Jones said. "He's was just real with me about everything. He doesn't play any games when you're talking with him."
Jones isn't quite sure what started the scholarship offers. The NIKE Camp was part of it, but his brother's assistance didn't hurt either.
"He got all of my film together and sent it out to a bunch of the colleges," he said. "I guess that's when it started."
This summer Jones will hit up some camps. He's not sure of where yet, but wants to do as many as possible.
His decision will come after that.
"I'll probably commit during my football season or after it," he said. "I don't think I'll be deciding any time soon right now."