Jones down to seven schools

Tai-ler Jones is one of the nation's finest wide receiver prospects. Jones, from Gainesville (Ga.) High School, recently narrowed down his school list to seven lucky schools – Georgia, Notre Dame, Ohio State, North Carolina, UCLA, Cal and Stanford.
"I like the Georgia offense," Jones said. "It's a pro-style offense and I really like their wide receiver coach. Georgia will set you up for next level. Everyone around me says go to Georgia but I will do what I need to do in the end.
"Notre Dame is different from any other college. They are a religious with no fraternities. That school is one and they will grow together. Plus, there are not as many students at Notre Dame.

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"Ohio State is a city in itself. Everything you need is on campus. It's safe and a place where you can really enjoy your free time.
"North Carolina is beautiful. Chapel Hill and the campus is beautiful. They also have a strong business and journalism school.
"UCLA has one of the best broadcast journalism departments in the country. And their offensive coordinator (Norm Chow) loves to throw the ball a lot.
"Cal runs a very wide receiver friendly offense and they put wide receivers in the NFL. Plus, their campus is almost on the beach.
"Stanford is a team that likes to throw a lot. Stanford is one of the top degrees from college and that carries so much weight in business world. I know I can get a high paying job with a degree from Stanford is football doesn't work out."
Jones has already visited Georgia, Notre Dame and Ohio State. He will visit North Carolina this weekend. Over spring break he will visit Cal, Stanford and UCLA. Jones hopes to have a decision by the end of April.
"It will come down to the relationship with the coaches. I have to get that vibe with them. I will ask myself if I am not playing football would I still like to go to school there? What college will give me that one feeling? It will be something different. I won't know until I see everyone."
Jones, 6-0 and 174 pounds, caught 81 passes for 1,000 yards and 13 touchdowns last season as a junior. He is a member of the Rivals250.