Jones adds No. 7

Tack on another offer for Rivasl00 defensive end Richetti Jones. One of the state's top prospects has now added an offer from LSU and is getting attention leading him to believe there could be more headed his way.
The 6-foot-3, 234-pounder now holds offers from not only the Tigers but also Baylor, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas A&M. Teams like Notre Dame could be jumping in the mix.
"Yeah the LSU one was about two or three weeks ago," Jones said. "That's the most recent. Then, I got a text message from Notre Dame today. They want to get a copy of my transcript."
Jones says not only is he getting lots of attention but he's going to give some of his to certain schools on visits.
"I'm going to the Texas spring game coming up," Jones said. "I just want to get down there to see what's happening. I'm not going to commit anywhere or anything. I'm just going to go down there to watch.
"Texas is at the top, but I like all the schools recruiting me and I'm going to give everybody a chance."
Jones says he's also making plans to visit the Texas A&M spring game as well.
"I didn't get to go to their junior day, so I want to get down there," Jones said. "In fact, I'll definitely be going to that."
For high profile recruits, things can get busy early on with all the attention. The light-hearted Jones says he's having a blast.
"It hasn't gotten to hectic just yet," he said. "I'm having a good time man."