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Joiner keeps four at the top

It all started this past spring when Killeen (Texas) Shoemaker weakside defensive end Brandon Joiner watched his stock rise after successful showings at camps and combines. Now, four teams lead the way with along with a stack full of scholarship offers on his plate.
The 6-foot-3, 220-pounder says that his top four remains the same with Texas, Texas A&M, Nebraska, and Oklahoma State leading the way. Joiner would figure that his total amount of scholarship offers is getting close to 20 and he recently made a stop down to one of his favorites.
"I went down to Austin with one of my friends, he was going down, so I just went with him," Joiner said. "I stopped in to see the coaches at Texas. They didn't really say much other than I looked bigger and I said hello. They haven't told me anything about an offer.
"That's okay. I'm not going to beg anybody. If they don't want me, I've got other places that do. If it happens, it happens."
Joiner's other three favorites, OSU, A&M, and Nebraska have all offered.
"I just like those four," Joiner said. "It's a little bit of everything with those schools. It's a good place and stuff like that."
Joiner says that he's starting to set up some visits. No dates have been put down on paper, but he knows that he'll visit Oklahoma State, Arizona, and Nebraska this fall.
"When I'm done taking those trips, I'll decide," he said. "I want to give everybody an equal shot and see my top five schools before I make a decision. It wouldn't make any sense if I didn't see all the campuses and I just picked a school I didn't know anything about."