Johnstone could see more offers

Tyler Johnstone has already picked up a Colorado offer and after his performance at the Los Angeles NIKE Camp more could be on the way for the Chandler (Ariz.) Hamilton offensive tackle.
Even though Johnstone didn't think he had the best day, coaches have been keeping in contact and so he's been heartened by the publicity since working out at USC a couple weekends ago.
"I definitely think the NIKE camp helped," Johnstone said. "I got a lot of good ink on that. I had a lot of coaches e-mail me and tell me I did a good job at that camp. Things kind of picked up. I don't know if it was a direct result from the NIKE camp but I think it definitely helped.

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"I didn't really feel like I did my best. I lost my last one-on-one and it was something I did wrong and need to work on and when I left I was kind of upset and then I came back and the next day there was an article saying I did well. It was definitely not my best performance so I was pretty excited."
Arizona State, Arizona, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford and New Mexico are the programs showing the most interest in Johnstone, a 6-foot-6, 260-pound prospect who said he's completely wide open in recruiting. Since he still has to do research on all the schools after him he's keeping an open mind.
"Let's say if all the Pac-10 schools offer me I'd say the ones that would stick out are Oregon and Oregon State and Arizona State," Johnstone said. "I'm not like one of those kids that had a dream school coming up. I'm honestly the most undecided kid ever. I'm not leaning toward anybody right now.
"USC would be the only one that would really pop out because they've never really had a bad program since I've been around. But I'm 100 percent undecided."
Colorado did help itself by offering last month. Johnstone said he was completely surprised that the Buffaloes were the first to offer - he expected it would be a Pac-10 team if anything - and so he said they did help their chances. Still, he's in no rush to make a decision anytime soon.
"That definitely meant something," Johnstone said. "I had never thought any other conference except the Pac-10 would offer me first or at all. I was really glad they came after me. I don't really know where I'm going but that helps that they'd do that."