Johnson taking careful approach

Roderick Johnson isn't giving anything away. Even if one of his 17 scholarship offers stands out as a favorite, he's not saying a word. It could be about indecisiveness. It could be about ongoing evaluation. It could also be about secrecy.
Johnson, you see, has a plan. Why would he do anything to ruin the suspense now?
"I'm still sticking to the announcing on signing day thing," Johnson said.

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And so everyone will wait for any meaningful news. That said, the four-star tackle does intend to trim his list … eventually. In keeping with the larger mystery of his thought process, he does not announce when he plans to do so. He also says he is yet to determine how many programs will make the cut.
"I'm just enjoying the process and enjoying how blessed I am to be in this situation," he said.
For now, the only things Johnson is willing to discuss are the high points of each school. He starts with the ones he has visited this month. Johnson recently toured Alabama, Ole Miss and Florida State during a weeklong trip through the South and came away as impressed as you'd expect.
"They all have pretty good academic and athletic programs," Johnson said. "All three of the schools know what they are doing."
While being careful not slight anyone or give anything away, he gets a little more specific. First, he addresses Florida State.
"That's a program on the rise there," he said. "We'll see them in some important bowl games in the next year or two, hopefully. I have a good bond with the staff and the players and everything else."
Johnsons' post-visit view of Alabama isn't particularly unique. There are no stunning revelations, and the insight isn't rare. Instead, his words are what you'd expect to hear from a high school student discussing a modern-day football dynasty.
"Alabama speaks for itself," Johnson said. "All you have to say is 'Alabama.' They also have an extremely impressive weight room and a great conditioning coach. It's everything. The staff is good, and the players are well rounded. Everyone's mind is set on one thing: the national championship."
Things are equally as simple when he discusses Ole Miss. The obvious points are touched on, and the school's reputation as a resurgent program is highlighted. Johnson is familiar with the Rebels. He's done his share of research.
"Ole Miss was a pretty good school," he said. "They are doing a little renovation and all that. They have the No. 1 recruiting class. They, too, will be on the rise in the next couple of years."
The No. 204 prospect in America, Johnson plays his high school football at Florissant (Mo.) Hazelwood Central. As a junior, he helped lead an offense that averaged more than 22 points per game and finished with an 8-3 overall record.