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Johnson playing things out

GILMER, Texas - Junior running back/linebacker Justin Johnson is doing his best to help the team anyway he can.
Coach Jeff Traylor has plenty of options considering the 6-foot-1, 210-pounder can line up as an offensive weapon in the backfield or play any of the three linebacker positions. Johnson's athleticism has certainly made him a versatile player.
Despite all the new offers and the chance to play all over the field in college, Johnson says he's just trying to do what he can to help the team win right now.
"They've got me as a running back slash middle linebacker or an outside linebacker," Johnson said. "Any position coach will put me out, I'll play to help the team win. I just do what I can every time we suit up."
Oklahoma was his first scholarship offer. This wasn't a huge surprise considering Johnson's cousin, Manuel Johnson, plays for the Sooners. However, now he's added more and has a trip coming up this weekend.
"Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, and Baylor have all offered me," Johnson said. "I think after the Red River Shootout I'll be able to start narrowing down my list."
Johnson says he's going not as a guest of either team but is just going to attend the game on his own. The winner of the game may have a slight effect on his decision in a way.
"I've seen both campuses," Johnson said about Oklahoma and Texas. "They're both great places, good coaching staffs, and it's 50-50 to me right now. I may look at who wins because I want to see how each team adjusts and plays through the adversity."
As for when he'd like to end his recruiting process, Johnson says it's still too early to clearly tell. However, he's looking at not wasting time but still making a smart decision.
"I want to get it out of the way to focus, but I also want to play it slow and not make the wrong decision where I miss out on a great opportunity somewhere," he said. "I just want to make the best decision. That's really what it comes down to. It's not so much when exactly I make that choice."
Johnson says education will play a factor. Position choice and playing time is not going to make that big of a difference.
He just wants to compete.
"I want to earn a spot," he said. "I don't expect to come in and just play. I want a good school that I can get a good degree from. That's pretty important."