Johnson is all smiles in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO - Go ahead, try and find a player at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl wearing a bigger smile than Gilmer, Texas four-star prospect Justin Johnson. The 6-foot-1, 210-pound linebacker arrived in San Antonio today and immediately started flashing his trademark smile at the remaining amount of prospects.
Johnson is the third Gilmer, Texas product to play in the game in the last two years. Even with that in mind he is still excited about his opportunity to join the ranks of Curtis Brown and David Snow.
"It's just a great honor, I'm glad I got the privilege to come and play with the guys that were selected to play in this. It's a pleasure to follow those guys, I'm just happy to get the opportunity to play down here," Johnson said.

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Johnson who is a well known Oklahoma commitment and among the most vocal of any of the players in the game, and not surprisingly he quickly found his favorite future running mate in Norman. Or rather R.J. Washington found him.
"R.J. ran up behind me a while ago, while I was doing some check-ins," he said laughing.
Johnson has always tried to sell the program and plans to continue to do so while in San Antonio, however most of his salesmanship will be by example.
"I'm hoping to have a great time with some of the guys that are going off to college with me. For the guys that haven't decided I want to let everyone know that I'm a fun person to be around, that I just like to have fun and play ball," he said. "I've already talked to Jameel (Owens) and I was asking him what he was going to do, and he said he knew what he was going to do."