Johnson impressing again on the field

A back injury delayed the start of Percy Johnson's senior season at Kenston High in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, but the 6-1, 220-pound linebacker is now back on the field performing at a high level. Now the three-star prospect is looking for colleges to start recognizing the talents he brings to the table.
"Honestly, I haven't been talking to that many people lately because my phone got broke and I missed the first four games," Johnson said. "My phone just got fixed in the last three days, so I'm going to get in touch with everybody and some new stuff should be rolling in pretty soon."
Prior to this season, Johnson had received scholarship offers from Cincinnati, Akron, Bowling Green, Ohio and Toledo. He has also been receiving steady interest from Michigan, Michigan State, Syracuse, West Virginia and Memphis.

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"I talked to the West Virginia last night," Johnson reported. "He said a lot of people have committed at linebacker, but they would still love to have me. We're going to wait and see how some of these other recruits are going to react."
Some teams waited to offer Johnson due to his academic numbers, but the move from Detroit to Kenston High this off-season has helped him get to where he needs to be in the classroom and he does not expect that to be an issue going forward.
"I'm taking the ACT this Saturday, and after that it's just me performing. I took a lot of classes this summer, so I'm where I need to be at in the classroom right now," Johnson said. "I am sending my film out after the last game, so that should be good. I missed the first four games so a lot of teams haven't seen me play."
Johnson has returned from injury to play running back and linebacker for Kenston in their last five games. His efforts to get back onto the field have taken away from his ability to get out and research schools this fall, but he did get a chance to see the one BCS Conference School that has offered him.
"I've only visited Cincinnati so far," Johnson said. "I saw when they almost beat Oklahoma. If they would have beat them that would have been a big win.
"I like Cincinnati a lot, it's a great program, good school, good coaches, good atmosphere, so they look pretty good. They are looking at me as an outside linebacker."