Jersey WRs stock is on the rise

Wide receiver Nadir Brown out of East Orange, N.J. has seen his stock explode in recent weeks. According to his father, Harold, the 6-foot-5, 182-pounder holds at least half a dozen offers.
"He's gotten offers from Boston College, Buffalo, Temple, Cincinnati, Virginia and Michigan State," he stated. "They have all sent mail about the scholarships."
Brown has attended a few camps recently.

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"He just came back from Cincinnati and Temple and is on his way to Buffalo soon," he said. "I believe he's supposed to be going to Michigan State and Boston College sometime in July too."
Do any schools stick out for Brown at this time?
"I think he likes all of them, but he seems very interested in Temple and Michigan State."
Brown went into detail about what kind of player and person his son is.
"He's a hard worker that does his school work and gets good grades," he said. "Of course he's tall, but he's the type of receiver that'll go up and get the ball and runs pretty good routes."