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Jersey WR Sets Third Official Visit

It looks like Derrick Harper of Montclair, N.J. is settled on his top four schools with no others in the mix at this time. So who are they?
The 6-foot-3, 185-pound wide receiver is already set to visit South Carolina on Nov. 9 and Maryland on Jan. 3. and now has set an official visit up with Pittsburgh for Dec.6. His fourth and final visit will be with Boston College sometime in January.
“I have my top four and that’s all I need. I’m very relieved that it has come down to these four. The recruiting process has been fun, but it has also been very tough and I feel good about my top four. I had a few others schools in mind for a fifth visit, but I decided I really don’t need to set up any other visits.”
It’s been a slow senior season so far for Derrick. An ankle sprain has kept him out of the action for most of the year.
“I sprained my ankle in the second game of the year. I tried to rush it and come back to soon, but re-injured it and only just returned this past week. I’m looking to finish out the rest of the year strong.”
The fact that Derrick has not been able to play most of the season has not kept the college recruiters out of Montclair. With more than 25 offers, schools have not backed off the blue-chipper, nor should they.
“There has not been one school that has backed off. They all understand that it was just an ankle sprain and I rushed to come back to soon, it’s not a big deal.”
What does derrick like about his top four?
“All four schools have excellent programs and are on the rise, Top 25-type schools. They all throw the ball and have good, balanced offenses. I’ve looked at depth charts and I feel I would have a chance to play early at each.”
Is there a chance for a fifth visit?
“Well, never say never, but I really don’t have any others in mind. I’m satisfied with what the four schools have to offer me as a student and football player. ”
Derrick is a full qualifier with a 1,000 SAT score and a GPA higher than 3.0.