Jersey LB very confused

Hackensack, N.J. linebacker Jermaine Dias is back to square one it seems. After coming close to a commitment to Virginia, now it seems Dias is more confused than ever.
"We just went out to dinner with Jermaine and he's really torn between all four teams right now," said Hackensack High School head coach Ralph Dass of his star player, who is deciding between Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia and Boston College. "He hasn't really sat down and written out the pros and cons of each place yet. He's got exams this week and I told him to just take his time. I'm not sure when he'll decide."
Does anyone stand out?
"I honestly don't know," he said. "I think there could be two teams that might stick out tonight, but that could change because Jermaine has changed his mind before. It's a tough decision for him and he just needs to set some time aside and come up with a decision."
Playing time, location, academics and many other factors will come into play. Does his coach have a preference?
"No, as long as Jermaine is happy we'll follow him anywhere," he said. "He can't really go wrong because all four schools have what he's looking for. He'll make the right choice."