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Jersey LB favors Hokies

Coach Frank Beamer has built one of the nation's top programs at Virginia Tech, and he has another Top 10 squad this year. One New Jersey recruit is beginning to take more notice, and the Hokies lead for him.
Linebacker Hugh D'Imperio is 6-foot-5 and 230 pounds. His 40-yard dash time of 4.6 seconds can only be fully appreciated if you see his size and strength in person. Why is he so high on the Hokies?
"I love the way they play," he said. "Especially defense and special teams. They're always flying around the ball and they're really aggressive. They aren't going to sit back and react to what offenses do. They want to dictate the way the game goes, and they really take offenses out of their gameplan with all the pressure they bring. If you play defense you have to like that."
Will D'Imperio visit Blacksburg?
"I'd like to schedule a trip down there," he said. "Being my leader, I definitely need to. I'll have to see what my schedule looks like, but I would definitely like to take an official visit."
Who else is D'Imperio considering?
"I'm looking at schools like North Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan State and Pitt. I think all those programs have coaches that will make them successful in the coming years. Michigan State has really impressed me this year. I wish they could play that Louisiana Tech game over again," he laughed. "And Tennessee and Pitt will have great years. UNC is rebuilding, and they need guys that can come in and play early."
D'Imperio will take an official visit to Michigan State on Dec. 13th, and he's working on setting up other trips as well.