Jersey junior gets his first offer

Junior athlete Myles Nash of Sicklerville (N.J.) Timber Creek was one of many prospects who made their way to Rutgers for the Scarlet Knights game against Cincinnati on Saturday. For Nash the visit was made even more memorable when he returned home with his first offer.
"I couldn't have picked a better program or organization to be my first," said Nash, who is 6-foot-5 and 195-pounds. "I have a great amount of respect for the coaches and I am in love with their philosophy. They didn't wait to see what schools were going to offer me first. They witnessed my talents and basically said we want you here. They weren't about anyone else. That's what excites me the most, the fact that they came first."
Aside from Rutgers, Nash has seen a number of other school show increased interest in the last several weeks, including Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Iowa, Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt. One of Nash's strong points is his versatility, which he discussed with the Rutgers coaching staff on Saturday.

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"Coach told me that they don't know what they want me to play," said Nash. "But they do know that I can play outside linebacker, receiver, defensive end and quarterback very well."
With his junior season coming to a close in a couple of weeks, Nash is eager to hit the road for more visits.
"I'm going to take some visits up to Rutgers and other schools," said Nash. "I'm also going to be constantly in the gym and weight room, getting my weight up, along with going to camps. I'm just going to try to fit some things in with my schedule."
Timber Creek has quickly become one of the dominant programs in South Jersey, and with a defense that also possesses Quanzell Lambert, Greg Webb and Dajaun Drennon, it should come as no surprise that they are playing for the state championship in two weeks.
"We knew coming in we were the best team in South Jersey," said Nash. "A lot of people disrespected us because Damiere Byrd, Quinton Alston and other major parts of our program had left. But we knew we had guys that were going to step up, including myself, because I didn't play a whole lot last year. Guys like Khalil Pierce, Tyliq Chambers, Andrew Brown, the unsung heroes of our team, have really stepped it up for us. We have all come together as a team and battled and fought back from being down in a game or fighting to keep the lead. We know that the state title is ours and we're going to take it. The only way we can lose this game is if we beat ourselves. We need two hard weeks in practice and great preparation and we'll be fine. The physical and mental toughness is there. We just have to believe we can win this game."
So far this season, Nash has totaled 84 tackles, 12 sacks and one interception, while also passing for 225 yards and five touchdowns in his limited time at quarterback.