Jenks CB also bitten by bug

With Brian Pickryl having mono, Kurt Seifried breaking his foot, Jenks, Okla., has been the walking wounded. Jason Carter had been the last man standing but then the injury bug got him as well.
"I got a high ankle sprain it was pretty painful," Carter said. "I was sort of glad we didn't play Union last weekend because it gave a lot of our guys time to heal up. The only thing is now we don't get to play Union unless we meet them in the state finals, because they cancelled the regular season game altogether."
The injury, though, has had Carter at home more and given him some time to talk to some of the schools of his choice.
"Well, I really like Tennessee, Miami and Oklahoma," he said. "I have heard from all of those schools so far and really enjoy talking to them I even talk to the coaches from other schools I just like to talk."
So is a team or two standing out now?
"They and Tennessee really stick out at this point," he said.
"I like a lot about both of those schools. I am going to be at the Kansas State game here in a couple of weeks along with (Brian) Pickryl, Kurt (Seifried) and Jay Henry."
Carter said he plans to wait until probably January before he makes a final decision on his school.