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Jeff Braun is firm with West Virginia

Westminster (Md.) Winters Mill defensive tackle Jeff Braun was the second commitment for the Mountaineers over a year ago. The 6-foot-4, 300-pounder was completely shocked by the news head coach Rich Rodriguez left Morgantown for Michigan in a conversation with Rivals Tuesday night.
"I was totally shocked it happened," he said. "I don't think anybody saw it happening.
"I saw the rumors on Friday on ESPN. I thought the rug was pulled out from underneath me. It kind of hurt, but as the hours progressed I took a step back and realized I can't change what's happened. I still consider myself a full commitment to West Virginia.
"I went there two years ago and there's something about that place, the atmosphere. I fell in love with the atmosphere and felt at home. I wanted to be there and there are no better fans that West Virginia fans. I know they are mad at Coach Rod, but they've got a team and I respect that a lot."
Braun hasn't heard from his recruiter, Bill Stewart yet, but he's not concerned.
"I tried to call Coach Stewart on Monday with no luck," he said. "I've heard he is the interim head coach and I understand he's a busy man.
"The main guy for me is Coach Stewart, he's not just a coach. He's more of a mentor to me. To see him leave would be heartbreaking. That wouldn't change how I feel about the university though. No matter what I plan to be in Morgantown in July. I'm ready to work and suit up."
Currently one other school is still in contact with the three-star prospect.
"I did hear from Maryland recently," he said. "I'm not really looking at that as an option."
Meanwhile, this season the No. 44 defensive tackle in the country posted over 50 tackles and three sacks.
"It was a rough season since we went 4-6," he said. "Defensively I had a breakout year. I made a few big plays. I questioned if I really could play defensive line. I think that's personally best for me and this year proved I can be good at it."
Braun had a final comment about what has transpired.
"West Virginia football is not over," he said. "The next coach will bring a new era and this class is a great one. We're going to pump out a new powerhouse."