Jay Smith misses visit

Norfolk (Va.) Lake Taylor wide receiver Jay Smith was scheduled to take an official visit to Virginia Tech this past weekend when the Hokies hosted Southern Miss. However, the four-star wasn't able to make the trip. So what's the latest?
"My sister was sick so we decided not to take the trip," said the 6-foot-4, 200-pounder. "I've been to Tech before but I hope to get back for an official visit. I was going to announce on my birthday (Oct. 26) but I doubt it now. I still want to take an official visit to Miami and will probably do that Nov. 4. I'm also interested in NC State and possibly taking a visit to either Tennessee or Clemson or maybe Notre Dame."
However, most feel that it will come down to the Hokies and the 'Canes.

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"That's the one visit I want to take," he said of the Miami trip. "I know all the coaching rumors and all that and the brawl, but none of that affects me. Miami has always been one of my favorite programs."
Virginia Tech quarterback Tyrod Taylor is working hard on Smith for Virginia Tech.
"He really wants us to play together, but I have to make the right choice for me," said Smith. "My dad and I will figure out what's the best."
Smith estimates he has 15 catches this season with four touchdowns in a running offense.
"We don't throw the ball too often, but it's helped my blocking even more," he said. "I'll do what it takes to win."