Jarrett waiting on big boys

Pennsylvania junior cornerback Kyshoen Jarrett has put together a highlight tape that he believes will vault him from being considered one of the top prospects in his state to a nationally-known commodity.
The 5-foot-11, 175-pound prospect has been holding onto offers from Akron, Illinois, Maryland and Pitt for a while, and with this new tape that list may be close to growing. caught up with Jarrett while the talented prospect was on the phone with coaches from Rutgers. Upon finishing with that phone call Jarrett had plenty to say, both about the Scarlet Knights and the other schools he is interested in.
"I'm pretty good with Rutgers right now," Jarrett explained. "They told me they just evaluated my highlight tape and they think it's awesome. Their defensive backs coach said he wants to see some of my game film. He said anybody can look good on a highlight tape. He wants to see me in a game.
"Since Sam Bergen is committed to Rutgers I think I'll be going up there to see some spring ball. It's a real good school. I really can't tell you where I'm at in terms of who I'm favoring, but I like Rutgers."
It may not be long before Jarrett hears back from a host of other schools. Whether they plan on offering, we don't know yet. Only time will tell.
"Since 2010 guys just signed coaches are still evaluating film," he said. "I'm being patient and just relaxing. I just sent out my tape to a lot of schools, so I guess I'll hear back from schools over the next two weeks, three weeks or month.
"My coach just got a call from USC and I think that's pretty awesome, so we sent tape to them. I got mail from Tennessee so we sent it there, too. I sent it to Oregon and Texas, just as two of my choices. I've been talking to Miami, so we gave it to them. Then there are some others, like Georgia, Michigan, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Nebraska and some others."
Jarrett said the Pitt coaches have been encouraging him to take a trip out to that school at some point, but he does not know his brother or mother's schedule, so he isn't sure how much traveling he will be able to do.
He hopes to make it to Pitt or UConn before too long.