Jarrett visits Rutgers

New Brunswick, N.J. athlete/wideout Dwayne Jarrett took an unofficial visit to Rutgers this past weekend. So when will he decide and are the Scarlet Knights in the mix?
"I have such respect for coach Schiano at Rutgers that I had to take a look," said the 6-foot-5, 205-pounder. "I liked it there, but I don't think it will be a fit for me. Right now it's pretty much a two-team race between USC and Virginia. Ohio State is still in there a bit, but not as high as the others."
Jarrett, the No. 2 athlete in the country and the No. 44 player overall as ranked by, was a heavy lean to Southern Cal early in the process. However, Virginia made a strong push in December. Where do things stand now?
"It's tough," he said. "I spoke to coach Groh and coach Carroll on Sunday, they both came to my house. Each of them told me exactly how I'd be used. At Virginia, I'd be an instant impact guy and the speed receiver they need. At USC I'd rotate with Mike Williams and learn from the best. They use a lot of three wideout sets so I'd play a bunch there as well."
Does the recent commitment of five-star wideout Fred Davis affect Jarrett?
"No, because we won't be playing the same role," he said. "Fred is a great player, but they told me that I'm their No. 1 guy and they have specific plans for me. I believe them."
Both Williams and departing cornerback Willie Poole are recruiting Jarrett hard for USC.
"Willie is from New York so he told me about being far from home, getting back when you need to and the distance factor," he said. "That was good to hear."
So where would he play the earliest?
"I'd probably get more time right away at Virginia, but I think I'd play an equal amount at either place by the middle of my freshman season. It comes down to the distance, academics and fit. I am torn between the two right now."
So when will he announce?
"I'm not sure, probably next Wednesday," he said. "I can't announce until I know where I'm going and right now I don't know yet."