Jarrett Grace adding offers

Cincinnati (Ohio) Colerain's Jarrett Grace is one of Ohio's top prospects in the class of 2011, and has four scholarship offers on the table- Cincinnati, Colorado, Indiana, and West Virginia.
"It is definitely a bit overwhelming, but I am grateful for all of it," Grace said. "It is great to have these options for the future. I am open to everything, and I am liking everything I am seeing so far."
Grace said he has visited Cincinnati several times.
"I definitely love the atmosphere and the hometown feel," Grace said. "Everyone is from our community, and you recognize so many faces there. The program is doing great with Coach Brian Kelly. He has whipped them into shape, and everything seems on the up and up."
Grace has also made game visits to Indiana, Notre Dame, and Ohio State.
"Ohio State was impressive. I went to their game against Iowa last weekend. You can't beat 105,000 people. I visited Notre Dame for the USC game. It was disappointing they lost, but Notre Dame is very impressive- the tradition, they have a great program there. I visited Indiana for the Wisconsin game. I saw all the new facilities they put in. Everything was really nice. They have a chance to build off of that and set up a good program. The coaches are positive and they feel they can build a great program. They have been recruiting Cincinnati really hard."
It is easy to see why colleges have jumped into the mix for Grace so quickly. He stars as a junior for one of Ohio's top programs. More impressively, he sports a 4.0 grade point average and is one of the top ten students in his class. He would like to major in pre-med in college.
"Academics are important to me," Grace said. "It is important to have something to fall back on when football is over. My family emphasizes academics, and I do too. I want to live up to that and show that I am not just a football player, than I have other talents and can use them. I would love to get into the medical profession- doing well in high school will set me up for a better future in the long run."
Grace said his college choice will come down to a combination of football and academics.
"I am looking for a program that has a winning tradition, first and foremost, and that has to be tied with a great education without a doubt. I am also considering location. I would like to go somewhere my parents can come see my play, not too far away, but within a day's driving distance. I am also looking for a place I can live my faith as a Christian, a place that emphasizes the morals of my faith."