Jarrett discusses his choice

Rivals250 cornerback Kyshoen Jarrett made his decision earlier today. In a press conference, the 5-foot-11, 182-pounder out of East Stroudsburg (Pa.) East Stroudsburg South prospect decided to stay in-state and head to Pittsburgh.
"I committed at my press conference earlier today, but I actually told Pittsburgh about a week ago," he said. "They were excited for sure. They are just ready to get after it when I come up.
"They said they were really happy that I'm part of the family and they are excited and ready to meet my family."

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So, what made Jarrett pick Pittsburgh?
"I just got off the phone with Coach Ang(elichio) and he has the same enthusiasm as he had when he first started recruiting me," he said. "I just felt Pittsburgh the last two to three weeks. It seemed to be the place for me. They have a great coaching staff, city and the defensive back coach is great and young. He knows his stuff. Also, Coach Wannstedt is going to be there for a while and it is just exciting.
"Before deciding, I prayed on it and things began to come clear about Pittsburgh. I decided to go full fledged."
Of course, Pittsburgh has recruited Jarrett as a cornerback and the opportunity is there for time immediately.
"Playing early is a huge option and it depends on how I go and develop of course."