Jared Odrick collecting offers

Jared Odrick out of Lebanon, Pa. has added four more offers to his total, which now puts him up to 14 offers this recruiting season.
The 6-foot-6, 295-pounder has added offers from Northwestern, Akron, Georgia Tech and Duke. Of his recent offers, the Georgia Tech one stuck out over the others.
"Just because of the location of Georgia Tech and the program, but it doesn't stand out much more than the previous scholarships."

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The offensive tackle and defensive end prospect also went on about his Oklahoma offer.
"It came as a complete surprise to me," he said. "I didn't get any mail from them, just a phone call to my coach from one of the assistant coaches who asked for tape and we sent it. Right after that I got the scholarship. It was a shock though."
Some of the other offers Odrick has include Pittsburgh, Virginia, Iowa, Connecticut, Maryland and Penn State.
The lineman prospect has made trips to Pittsburgh, Virginia, Maryland and Penn State.
"I stayed over on campus at Penn State, Maryland and Virginia," he said. "Those three I like a lot and they all see me as a defensive end first and that's what I want to play. Virginia and Maryland both have said if defense doesn't work out they'll move me to another position if necessary, but most of the other schools are recruiting me for the offensive line."
He went on to discuss each experience at the schools.
"The coaches at UVA are so laid back and they have a great program and I love the campus," he said. "Penn State is Penn State, I like the campus up there and it's typical college life. I really like Larry Johnson; he's a really good defensive line coach and the program's history also.
"Ralph Friedgen is really cool and I like him a lot," he said. "It seemed that there was a little confusion as to what position I might play, but I can understand that.
"Right now, it's kind of like those three have an unfair advantage as I'm trying to stay as wide open as possible. I'm not favoring anyone right now."
Odrick also thinks some scholarships are coming soon.
"Probably have to say maybe Notre Dame, Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio State and Purdue might offer soon," he said. "It was weird, I was expecting one from Miami and then they distanced themselves from me, now they've come back."
Odrick has about 40 to 50 schools contact him regularly, his most recent mail has been from Florida, LSU, Ohio State, Michigan State, Marshall, North Carolina, Notre Dame and Miami who has been on and off with the prospect.
One school he is still hoping to hear from is Southern Cal.
"Almost in a status sort of way I'd like to hear from USC," he said. "That's a long ways and I understand if not, but sure I'd like to hear from them."
Besides that Odrick hopes to continue receiving scholarships, particularly from North Carolina and Tennessee.
This spring Odrick plans to attend the Elite College Combine and the Penn State Nike Camp.
In preparation for these combines, the lineman prospect has taken track and is working out.
"It's funny, I'm doing track and running with all these track athletes," he said. "I'm doing shotput and working with my coach in that to try to get my forty time down. I'm working about five days a week to prepare."
As for this summer, he's still undecided but is looking at attending one day camps.
Last season, Odrick recorded 72 tackles, five sacks and nine tackles for loss as he was named first team all-conference.