James closing in on offers

Texarkana (Texas) Liberty Eylau running back LaMichael James has been informed by his head coach that his first scholarship offers are on the way.
James says he doesn't have them in hand yet, but Oklahoma, Houston, Oklahoma State, and Texas are schools that may be close. The 5-foot-9, 180-pounder says that going off what his coach says, options are on the way.
"I don't have them in writing, but I'm just going off what my coach told me," James said. "He told me for a fact that stuff is coming from Oklahoma, U of H, O-State, and Texas."

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One of those schools James says is at the top of his list.
"Well, it's kind of a favorite," James said. "I'm trying to stay open, but Oklahoma State is more of a favorite because I talk to them a lot. It seems like I play faster there than I would at other places. Coach (Curtis) Luper just talks about how they're very interested in me and stuff like that."
James says that he's planning on taking a trip to Oklahoma State within the next few weeks and also has some deciding to do on the weekend of Feb. 24.
"Well, it's between Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma for that day," James said. "They all want me to come on the same day."
As for when he'll decide, James says he doubts he'll make an early decision. The East Texas running back says he'd also like to take part in some summer camps as well.
"Oh yeah," he said. "I'm going to go to a few of those. I don't know which ones yet."