JaMarcus still torn

JaMarcus Russell is back from Baton Rouge and LSU. So what did this do to his decision making process? And if he had to decide today, who would it be?
“I don’t even know if I could tell you that,” Russell said. “It’s obviously my two schools – LSU and Florida State. But I’m really up in the air. I guess I probably wouldn’t sign if I had to today.”

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Russell said he had a good time in Baton Rouge this weekend and that he got a good chance to spend a lot of time talking to the coaches.
“They made it clear that if I can there, that I would be part of the top class in the nation,” Russell, who is 6-foot-5 and 225 pounds, said. “And that’s something that excites me. They told me that good players should want to play with other good players, and I agree. That’s a good selling point.”
But the same can be said about Florida State, who is loaded with a lot of young talent and might still add even more high-level recruits before signing day.
“Florida State has a lot of positives, too,” Russell said. “I could come in and compete for a starting spot. So you can see my dilemma? It’s 50-50.”