Jacobs set to announce his choice

District Heights (Md.) Suitland wide receiver Taivon Jacobs is set to announce his college decision on Thursday morning.
The three-star prospect won't be holding a press conference or looking for the spotlight. He's just planning to call up the coaches from each of his finalists and let them know the news. Coaches from two programs are bound to be disappointed while coaches from one will be very pleased.
The 5-foot-11, 165-pound prospect has narrowed his list to West Virginia, Maryland and Ohio State. On Wednesday he spoke about his interest in each school and why they are a finalist.

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West Virginia: "I just feel as though they've got the type of offense I like. I think I can make a great impact in that offense. I like the school and I liked the campus when I was down there. I thought they had great facilities."
Maryland: "That's my home school. I just feel like I'm at home when I'm there. They treat me like family every time I go up there. They take education very seriously. It's not just always about football. They're about getting your education because football doesn't last forever."
Ohio State: "Ohio State was my dream school when I was a young boy. I just grew up loving them. The coach who recruited my brother is there now, from Temple. We had a strong relationship over the years and it's grown even stronger. Me and Urban Meyer are real close, too."
Jacobs said he's still weighing the pros and cons of each school and isn't 100-percent certain what school he will announce for tomorrow. He said he plans to call each of the coaching staffs around 10 a.m. to let them know his choice.