Jackson toys with de-committing

SAN ANTONIO -- So much for settling into a rhythm.
Junior defensive back J.C. Jackson arrived in Texas the day of the Army National Combine and the questions began from there.
At first, the conversation was about his high school teammate and next-door neighbor. Everyone wanted insight. Where is U.S. Army All-American Mackensie Alexander? Where is he leaning? What is he thinking?

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Jackson shrugged his way through the questions. He then offered a tidbit of his own. The words changed the conversation the moment they left his tongue.
"I'm thinking about de-committing from Florida State," he said.
Suddenly, Alexander was an afterthought. Jackson was now the subject of the chatter, and his explanation didn't offer many solid answers. The situation is wishy-washy at best.
"I don't know if I'm going to do it for sure yet," he said. "I just have to talk to my mom and figure it out. I'm thinking about it now."
His motivation concerns the departure of former Seminoles defensive coordinator Mark Stoops. Stoops, of course, has since been replaced with Jeremy Pruitt. But that hasn't done much to put the Florida State commit at ease.
"I don't even know the new guy at all," Jackson said. "I haven't talked to him or get to know him at all. I'm just not sure about any of it."
Should Jackson decide to pull the trigger on the move, he already has a contingency plan in mind. And it includes one of the Seminoles' chief rivals.
"I guess it will probably be Florida or Clemson," Jackson said. "I feel really comfortable with those places. Plus, Florida is (in) the SEC. I really like that, so …"
Jackson, who committed to FSU in March of 2012, reiterated that he has not reached a final decision on whether or not to break his pledge. He intends to make that choice after he returns to Florida from this week's Army National Combine.
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